King Pinyin

Author. Speaker. Success Coach. Direct Sales Expert

King Pinyin is the vibrant and dynamic CEO and founder of Ignite Your Life LLC Women’s movement. She is a #1 Best-selling Author, Peak Performance strategists, Leadership Development Consultant and woman of profound faith, who has mentored and inspired many to reach their peak in life.

Robert Headen Video was selected for the fourth year to market, promote and produce King Pinyin’s Ignite Ladies Conference. This is a must attend conference for any woman who wants to live a purposed-driven life of abundance filled with those things that money cannot buy: Love, Joy, Passion, Happiness, Inner Peace and Balance….

The only thing that is constant in life is change, yet we are programmed to resist it. Change requires us to step outside of our comfort zone into the great unknown. This can be a very difficult task as well as a major cause of stress for women, especially when life has happened to us. Gone are those days when women did nothing but stayed at home and raised the kids. Women can no longer afford to rely on their spouse’s income.

In today’s world, most women also have to earn a living by working long hours away from home in order to pay the bills, put food on the table, keep the kids in school with clothes on their backs, support their ailing parents and take care of their personal needs. These responsibilities can be extremely overwhelming in the case where the woman is a single mom.

According to the American Psychological Association (APA), money (75%), work (70%) and the economy (67%) continue to be the most frequently cited causes of stress for Americans, as they have every year for the past 5 years. In addition, a growing number of Americans are citing personal health concerns (53%), relationships (58 percent), and family responsibilities (57 percent), as a major source of stress.

Ignite Your Life conference is designed to equip, encourage and empower women around the world with tools, ideas and strategies needed to overcome everyday challenges and obstacles that are the root causes of stress, anxiety, mediocrity and depression.
We bring together a group of dynamic and sort after speakers in the areas of Leadership, Finance, Business, Career Development, Relationship, Health and Spirituality under the same roof for a 3-day TRANSFORMATIONAL event!

The conference atmosphere is one of sisterly love, compassion, encouragement and support. IGNITE provides an environment where women from all walks of life can come to, network with, learn from, form friendships and inspire each other to be the best.

Regardless of how bad you think your situation may be, change is on the way! And I’m not just talking about a temporary kind of change, but the kind that you can own. Get excited because your best days are still ahead of you!
Looking forward to seeing you at our next conference.

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